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We are a company that aims to enable the entry of international companies in Brazil, providing services ranging from getting investors to the Brazilian market until to develop its network with suppliers, customers and government.

Investing partner in the Brazilian market

Assessment of the potential of your business in the domestic market and identification of potential investors.

Commercial representation

Outsourcing of your commercial team, where we will act as your commercial team (exclusive or not) in Brazil.

Hiring of commercial team

Acting as headhunters, we will identify the most appropriate professionals for each commercial function.

Creation and assembly of local offices

Consulting to choose not only the best real estate option, but also the choice of city and neighborhood that will best meet the commercial and institutional objectives of your company.

Communication (advertising, publicity and public relations)

We can help you choose your ideal advertising agency or public relations agency in Brazil.


We will look for the partners that make your business viable in Brazil.

Legal support

We work from the drafting of legal opinions to the choice of the best legal model to be adopted for your company.

Accounting support

We operate in the monitoring and accounting structuring of your Brazilian operation.



“Great things in business are never done by one person. They are done by a team of people.”

Steve Jobs

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