Financial market reacts positively to the election of the new president

Financial market reacts positively to the election of the new president

Long-term public securities indexed to IPCA and stock funds topped the ranking of EXAME’s investments in October.

The performance, according to analysts, is due to investors’ speculation with Jair Bolsonaro’s lead in the Planalto race, which was confirmed in last Sunday’s election (28).

In Treasury Direct, the government’s platform for buying and selling government bonds, the IPCA + Treasury, which follows inflation and matures in 2045, had a yield of 19.53% in the month. It was followed by the IPCA + Treasury which follows the inflation that pays semiannual interest and matures in 2050, which rose 11.58% in the period.

October was an excellent month for variable income. The Ibovespa, B3’s main stock index, jumped 10.19% in the period and pushed up stock funds. It was the best month for the Brazilian Stock Exchange since January of this year, when it rose 11.14%.

Small caps stock funds rose 9.55% in October and were in third place in the investment ranking. They were followed by equity funds that pay good dividends(part of corporate profits distributed to shareholders), with profitability of 9.50% in the month.

The electoral dispute also caused the dollar to retreat 7.8% in October, placing exchange funds at the bottom of the investment ranking, with a 9.24% loss. It was the biggest monthly drop in the dollar since June 2016, in the context of the impeachment of former President Dilma Rousseff.

Financial planners indicate the application in exchange funds only for people who need to protect themselves from the fluctuation of foreign currencies. This is the case, for example, of who will travel abroad. Other than that, this investment is not recommended for small investors, since the exchange rate varies a lot.

Those who also hitchhiked the devaluation of the dollar in October were gold, which was the second worst spot in the survey, down 5.20% in the month.

For all investments, the guideline is always to remember that past profitability does not guarantee future income guarantee. It is also important to mention that the ranking of investments of the site EXAME considers the gross profitability of the applications in the month and in 2018, without deducting Income Tax. In equity fund applications, there is a 15% IR.

In short-term funds, the rate is 22.50% for redemptions up to 180 days and 20%for redemptions after 180 days. In the other categories of funds (long-term), taxation follows a downward slope, in which the rate varies between 15% and 22.5%, according to the maturity period.

Public securities are also taxed by the IR downgrade. See the step by step to invest in the Treasury Direct and how to choose the broker. The savings have no collection of Income Tax and the application in gold is also exempt of IR up to 20 thousand reais.

Exame Magazine (October 2018)

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